Summer 2019


We're doing Summer differently this year. Take our survey now!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to complement your student's private lessons (and free time!) with a jolt of collaboration, technology, fun and creativity! Summer 2019 is hands down our best and most comprehensive program offering to date.

In years past, we've picked week-long dates from the calendar and found that a lot of our students couldn't make it due to vacation and other commitments. This year, we'd like to learn which program(s) you're interested in and when you are available before we build our final Summer schedule.

We hope that your student(s) will join us this summer! Please fill out the 30 second survey below to tell us your Summer preferences. We plan to build our final schedule based on community responses by April 1.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community!



SUMMER ENSEMBLE (New for 2019!)

Our fun new program promoting collaboration, inspiring improvisation and improving consciousness as a player.

  • An exciting and motivating learning experience

  • Small group jams w/ rotating players

  • Fun and unique concert performance at the end of the week!


Collaborate with our experienced educators and learn how to turn your ideas into great songs.

  • Focus on composition and creativity

  • Bring your song ideas to life

  • Advance your understanding of music theory


Spend a week in Architekt’s GRAMMY® Award Winning recording studio! Learn to record, edit and mix with our talented studio staff.

  • Record and mix a band of professional musicians

  • Learn how to set up and run a real session (e.g. microphones, preamps, ProTools, etc.)

  • Work closely with both analog and digital gear

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch in early April.