About Architekt

On October 15th, 2010, we cut the ribbon with the town council of Butler, NJ and opened our doors for business. At just 23 years old, George and I hardly had any idea what we were getting into. We weren't exactly sure how we even managed to pull this off in the first place. 

What we were sure of, was that we wanted to provide the best possible place for musicians to call home. We wanted a lesson studio that was based around sound musical pedagogy, while still keeping it exciting. We wanted a recording studio that was world-class, but without all the music-industry garbage that goes with it. We wanted an all-age venue that was clean, and well-run. 

Basically, Architekt is a "for us, by us" type of place. It's the place we always wished we had growing up. It's also the place that we want to be now; as professional musicians. 

If you're in the "Architekt Family", we hope you feel the same way we do! If you're considering us, we'd love to show you what we're all about.